Father Christian and Rabbi Durbin explore pop culture and the modern world through the lens of Judaism and Christianity.

The director of the Truman School at Hebrew College and Academic Advisor, Rabbi Dr Michael Scheier joins the show today. 

How do you get started on the difficult and hard work of reconciliation? A whole movement happened and our communities of faith following through on developing the beloved community? Our sister Miriam G Willard McKenney joins us to discuss how she is approaching the work and holding a priest and a rabbi accountable!

Contact Miriam for further insight on how to approach racial reconciliation in your context or hear more about the Beloved Community work:


The Beloved Community: https://episcopalchurch.org/beloved-community


How to lead a congregation when America is on its toes waiting to find out who will be our next president? Rev Philip DeVaul from The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Cincinnati  is our guest and speaks about best leadership and spiritual practices during unstable times.

How do you talk about politics, race, and sex in a spiritual community?

Rev Phil's advice: it must start with love. If the leader does not love his or her congregation, then chaos can follow. 

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How do we create a more just and equal society as people of faith? How do we create the environments where everyone is heard, especially when dealing with the divisive topics of race, sexuality, and immigration?Our spiritual practices must be on point before we even go there! We have international Jewish leader and social activist Rabbi Denise L. Eger taking your questions today on the show.

Rabbi Denise's Contact:
Twitter: @deniseeger
Book: Where Pride Dwells https://www.amazon.com/Mishkan-Gaavah-Where-Pride-Dwells/dp/0881233587/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pride+rabbi+denise&qid=1604070443&sr=8-1

How do you find your purpose in life? Do you trust G-d will lead on the right path even when you feel that you are in a dead-end? Rev Nurya Love Parish from Plainsong Farm will join us !

Faith Informing Politics

Rev Kim Jackson is running for the Georgia State Senate. How does a pastor allow her faith to inform her politics and what can we learn from her in making our own political decisions this November? How does your faith inform your politics? We want to know. 

 Can people of faith actually be the models of communicating with love and compassion and HONESTY? Learn how this all works. SUBSCRIBE to the podcast to get it on your device! Thank you Todd Porter of United States Christian Leadership Organization - USCLO/



Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg: https://www.amazon.com/Nonviolent-Communication-Compassion-Marshall-Rosenberg/dp/1892005026

How do we heal this country? Rev Steve Miller of United States Christian Leadership Organization has been developing community around racial reconciliation for over 12 years. His key to success: LISTENING with an open heart. 

How Do We Have Anxious Conversations About Hot Topics?! Rev Canon Ron Byrd, Director of Black Ministries for The Episcopal Church,  joins us to give us his advice, especially in the wake of the Breonna Taylor ruling this past week. 

We are beyond excited to have Rebecca Makkai - Pulitzer Prize nominated author of The Great Believers, on the show to talk Imaginative Empathy and what can religion can learn from it. Follow Rebecca on twitter @RebeccaMakkai and learn more about her latest published works, events, and news at  www.RebeccaMakkai.com .

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