Father Christian and Rabbi Durbin explore pop culture and the modern world through the lens of Judaism and Christianity.

What is a Gaming Chaplain? Where is God in Gaming?

Can a gamer turned deacon teach us how to effectively build spiritual communities in the digital landscape? 

Nelson Mendoza joins for this week's radio show and podcast.

What will religion look like after Corona is all said and done? What are the lasting impacts on how we practice our faith? Will there be churches and synagogues that will close due to financial strain? Let's get into the last impacts of covid 19 on American religion.

What is the appropriate way for houses of worship to respond to the Corona Virus? Should services and religious programs be cancelled? How do we celebrate Gods community of love when separated? 

What do you hate about religion? 🤔 Be honest! 🤭Let us know below and we will discuss it on the show!

The Economics Of Integration

What were the economic ramifications of integration? Especially for self contained black towns that created their own economic sustainability? Our 4 part series on Post Jim Crow America continues tomorrow with a local black historian here in Stuart, Florida. 

How does a post-segregationalist community heal from the ramifications of Jim Crow? How does a community reflect on the lasting effects? Rabbi Matthewand Father Christian look at their own community of Stuart and interview retired captain Lloyd Jones to see where God is calling for healing and redemption through truthful storytelling.


This morning we have @Eli Freedman to talk about the power of Interfaith work to take on systemic racism. Check out the organization he helped found in Philadelphia:

How Do Houses of Worship Explore a History of Racism? If it happened 30 years ago, does it still need to be talked about or just forgotten? What is the spiritual responsibility of the community? Tomorrow's show has Rev Grey Maggiano returning to speak about how his church in Baltimore is currently exploring this very topic as a community.

Father Christian and Rabbi Durbin have a conversation about prayer and the unbelievable power that it has.

Religion and Education

Religion and Education conversation with Special Guest Tammy Kaiser